CRC is strategically located in South Central Kentucky.  Pulaski and the surrounding counties have a large supply of soybeans that are currently being shipped 100s of miles away.  CRC will work with local farmers to become the go-to soybean elevator in the region, saving farmers time and money.


Our facility will have over 1 million bushels of storage capacity. Better yet, our plant has been custom designed to incorporate high speed unloading equipment. Our large pit, seed cleaners and strategically designed truck queue will get you in and out quick and hassle free. We want you to spend your time where you want, in the field, not waiting to unload your trucks. We will work with local farms to be there go to elevator, offering all the services provided by other buyers with a quality level exceeded by none.


We know you take your animal’s nutrition seriously, and so do we. Our premium, high fat, high protein meal is mechanically extracted meaning no hexane ever touches our meal. This results in a safe, nutritious addition to any animal’s diet. Our meal is produced with the highest quality control standards.  We pride our history of delivering only the finest quality products and continue to make this our #1 priority!


Why run Bio Diesel in your vehicle? Higher Cetane, Better Lubricity, Lower Emissions and less DEF consumption are just a few reasons. Higher Cetane means more power so you can realize the full potential of your diesel engine. Bio Diesel also acts as a natural solvent, cleaning your fuel system as you run. This results in fewer filter regenerations and more time on the road.


Want Bio Diesel delivered to your facility but don’t have trucks?  No Problem!

Our full fleet of tankers can bring our top quality products straight to your tanks.  Our fuel transport services are ideal for farmers, school systems, contractors and any other business that needs quality fuels without the hassles of transportation.


Did you know Biodiesel has been used in diesel engines for over 120 years?  Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, ran his first several prototypes on peanut oil.  He wanted his engine design to run on Bio Mass and would later experiment running full scale engines on peanut oil with great success.  He had so much faith in his engine running on vegetable oil, in 1912 he stated, “The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today.  But such oils may become in course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time.”

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