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About Our Soybean Process

Soybeans are processed into three primary products: soybean meal and hulls, which is used as animal feed, and crude soybean oil, which is further processed for the food sector and industrial uses, including biofuels.


Soy Hulls

Soy hulls are a valuable co-product and highly digestible fiber source used in livestock feed rations, specifically for dairy cows and as a supplement to forage diets for growing beef cattle. Soy hulls are often pelleted to enhance the ease of handling and bulk density. CRC merchandises soy hulls both domestically and internationally.

Soybean Hulls Spec Sheet

Soybean Meal

CRC processes soybeans into two primary products: soybean meal and soybean oil. Soybean meal is a high protein feed ingredient used in animal rations, including swine, poultry, and dairy/beef cattle. Soybean meal is also utilized as feed in aquaculture operations.

CRC markets soybean meal to customers in Kentucky via truck.

Soybean Meal Spec Sheet


Refined Oils

CRC produces crude soybean oil for further production of salad oils and food manufacturers of margarines, mayonnaise, shortenings, cooking oils, potato chips, and other food products.

Soybean Oil Spec Sheet

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